UNILAG?… No words

University of Lagos,
University of ‘first choice’    
Students left with no choice.

Letters are the bricks          
A prison is the outcome.        
Exams in less than a week
Gp’s dancing konkon below  might be the outcome. 
JAMB was the first prison cell,
MAULAG was the next,
Now we are being fenced IN.
The Israelites didn’t sign any
form to the ‘Egyptians’,
Now we are asked to.. 

ULSU has been shut down
HUSTLE is our back up.   
Do we sign, do we not sign    
We are at a cross road.         

Sadly the world is watching:
“UNILAG and it’s endless protests( The new seasonals)”.

                          ©Babavin & kvngmandy


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All the darkness in the world can not extinguish the light of a single candle. 🌌

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